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Investigating the Evolution of Morphology

As a graduate student at the University of Chicago, Gregory Davis pursued what might now be considered more traditional evolutionary developmental biology research, focusing on broad phylogenetic comparisons. He investigated differences in expression patterns among arthropods in a group of genes involved at different levels of segmentation in Drosophila. “What I really wanted to do, […]

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Market Research in Converging Spaces

Shaving cream and cat food and laundry detergent have remained largely unchanged over the decades, giving the companies that manufacture such everyday household items a pretty fair handle on why consumers buy the brands that they do. But video games? Cell-phone applications? Online entertainment? In the digital sector, where change happens with stunning rapidity and […]

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Seeing the World Through Medieval Eyes

Elly Truitt, an assistant professor of history at Bryn Mawr College, has been studying medieval history since her undergraduate years at Wellesley College. “To me, it feels like second nature to slip into the 12th century or 14th century, recognizing that my 21st-century assumptions may seem equally peculiar.” But it wasn’t until she had finished […]

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Striking Oil

Andrew Quarles

The rise of the modern oil and gas industry has been traced to January 10, 1901, when a 150-foot gusher of greenish-black oil rocketed into the air from a 1,020-foot hole drilled into “Spindletop,” a salt dome in Beaumont, Tex., by a Pennsylvania oil man, John Galey. The well flowed at an initial rate of […]

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Living Off the Land

Visitors to the northern part of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve may come away with memories of a spectacular mountain wilderness with glacial rivers, snow-covered peaks, elusive wildlife and brightly colored wildflowers. Underlying these spectacular vistas, however, is a landscape of indigenous human habitation. “To the Native peoples of the upper Tanana region, this […]

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Advancing New Drug Development

Forget for a minute the television commercials and magazine advertisements. Dismiss the focus groups and funding worries. Set aside the regulatory issues and compliance concerns. At the heart of the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry, which has improved the lives of countless people the world over, is science. Judith A. Fox ’78 is as pure an example of that fact as one can find. Read more»

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HHMI Grant for Undergraduate Education

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has awarded a four-year, $1.2 million Undergraduate Science Education Grant to Bryn Mawr College to help fund a host of initiatives. Chief among them are two yearly $5,000 fellowships to help matriculated Bryn Mawr science and math majors complete teaching certificates in secondary education; two postdoctoral fellowships; physical upgrades of […]

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