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Yuh Min Chook ’88: Exploring the Gateway to the Cell Nucleus

Posted November 13, 2009
photo of Yuh Min Chook ’88

Biophysicist Yuh Min Chook ’88 studies the mechanisms of protein transport through the nuclear membrane by transporter proteins, or Karyopherin betas (Kap betas), and their traffic patterns. In 2006, Chook’s lab discovered a new signal by which Kap betas identify their cargoes. This year, her lab identified the structure of the export-Kap beta that transports the majority of proteins from the nucleus into the cytoplasm, including proteins that are involved in human diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and cardiac hypertrophy … Read more»

Q&A Part Two with Alice Rivlin ’52: Health Care, Technology, and the Economy

Posted November 6, 2009

In Part Two of our interview with Alice Rivlin ’52, the founding director of the Congressional Budget Office and former vice chair of the Federal Reserve Board talks about health-care reform and the impact of technology on the economy Read more»